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Apps Every Angler Needs

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

While fishing is a hobby as old as time the technology surrounding it has advanced incredibly far even in the past few years. While knowledge is the backbone to how well of an angler you can be there are a number of apps that can be utilized to help you be more efficient on the water, safe, and organized! In return this means catching more fish. Here are the apps we believe every angler needs on their smartphone or tablet to operate at their absolute best!

  1. Navionics - this app is a standard for everyone. It shows depth contours for the body of water so anglers can find the water and structure they think the fish are holding on without having to drive around using their electronics.

  2. Weather Network - Weather has a huge impact on fish behaviour. Be sure to use the weather forecast for the areas you plan to fish to prepare the right gear and gameplan for the day!

  3. Windy - Wind is one of the ultimate variables especially on large bodies of water. Wind shifts and increases in speed can quickly turn a great day into a dangerous situation. The windy app allows you to see the speed and direction of wind on an hourly basis for your location on a map. This is very handy for planning your trips and boating routes.

  4. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Table - Solunar tables identify when major and minor feeding windows will be. When targeting large predators that are often on their own these periods offer you the best chance for them to feed. Plan accordingly!

  5. Google Earth - Spend time looking for fishing spots before you get to the water, identify hazards not shown on the map, and use waypoints to keep track of your fishing hotspots.

If you want to learn how to use these apps to put more fish in the boat check out our "Utilizing Satellite imagery" and "Breaking Down A Body of Water" courses as part of the Zero To Hero Masterclass for all the nitty gritty details you need to identify fish hotspots like weedlines, gravel flats, and submerged weeds before you ever hit the water.


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