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Georgian Bay BIG MUSKY CONTEST 2024

It is no secret that we believe Georgian Bay is a world class fishery. Despite the current world record musky being caught in these waters we know there are fish that can and will challenge this record in the near future. To help promote and celebrate the incredible opportunities we have to fish on this body of water & the catches that are had in 2024 we want to host a season long big fish contest!

This contest is a friendly event to highlight the exceptional angling opportunities on Georgian Bay and show everyone what can be caught while offering a fun competition with cash prizes. Anglers will be allowed unlimited submissions throughout the year.

To Enter:

  1. You Must Pay Entry Fee ($20) prior to the first day of the 2024 Musky Season on Georgian Bay (June 15). To pay entry fee click the link below:

  2. You must join the group Georgian Bay Musky & Pike Fishing on Facebook at the link included or discuss with the organizers if you don't have facebook

To Make A Submission:

  1. Catch a musky on the waters of Georgian Bay within the 2024 season

  2. Take a photo with the fish and with the fish on a bump board for measurement evidence

  3. Post the photo on facebook in Georgian Bay Musky & Pike Fishing group at the link included in the comments section of the Big Musky Contest Post!

  4. If you have trouble with the above or don't have facebook send the photos to and we will post it on your behalf

To Win:

  1. Have the longest musky submission at the end of the 2024 season

  2. Tie breakers determined by 2nd biggest submission


  1. Dependent on the number of applicants

georgian bay big musky contest

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