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Here at New Wave Fishing Academy our mission is to teach you how to become more successful anglers. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our lessons to fit your needs. We understand it is a big commitment to spend your free time with us and so we want you to feel confident in our abilities to make you a better angler. We feel that nothing can show this more than hearing from our past students!


Learning to fish with New Wave Fishing Academy has been such an exciting opportunity. They always know where the fish are, the best tackle to use and always there to teach me new techniques. I will never forgot the day we went fishing and being told to “drop my line, drop my line” and every 30 seconds I had a new fish on my hook, it was incredible! Seasoned experts and passionate teachers New Wave Fishing Academy is the place to learn how to fish.



I considered myself an average fisherman until I went out for a day of fishing with the New Wave Fishing team. They were point, showing me what to do and constantly teaching me new things that helped out as the day went on. We caught a bunch of nice pickerel and even kept a few for dinner that night! Everyday I’ve been out with the team they know how to find and catch fish fast;  down to a science. 



Georgian Bay and New Wave Fishing Academy are where dreams become reality. I didn't know what big fish were until New Wave Fishing showed me how to find them, catch them, and what gear you need to haul em in. 



Here's how my days fishing with the New Wave team typically go - I get in the boat, tell them what I want to catch, do everything they tell me after that, then spend the rest of the day pulling up more fish than I had all season on my own. They are fish whisperers and true professionals. 



The New Wave Fishing team helped me catch my biggest fish ever. They brought me to the right place and coached me where to cast, and how to bring it in from start to finish. Great anglers and even better teachers



The New Wave Fishing team are amazing teachers. They wouldn't just take me to their secret hotspots, but explain why they were the best place to catch fish. They really opened my eyes to how scientific fishing is, and wouldn't get frustrated even when I cast 30ft into a tree, or got the line stuck on the motor. 


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