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Mastering The Art of Trolling

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Duration: 1 hour


Fishing is rarely a one size fits all sport. To be successful anglers need to adapt. Trolling is a technique anglers can use when casting just isn't working, they are in a new body of water and want to cover as much ground as possible, or they just like it better! Trolling has put numerous giant fish in the boat in the past and will continue to do so until the end of time no matter the species you target.


In this course you will learn how to master the art of trolling! From understanding when and where you should use this technique, to the gear that is needed & how to set it up, overall strategies, understanding bait dive depths, and how to apply it all to put more and bigger fish in the boat!

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Trolling Depth IQ


It's time to start fishing smart.


We've done the math and modelled over 60 commercial & custom baits to give you the most precise lure dive depth information on the market. Trolling Depth IQ Ebook explains the factors impacting lure dive depths, gives you dive curves at 3 speeds for each bait, and exclusive access to an online tool for creating custom dive depth charts under any conditions.


Input the bait you're using, line rating, trolling speed, and even water temperature to instantly get a dive chart under those conditions. Set your bait to the exact depth you want it at. No guessing, no doubts. Spend less time experimenting and more time catching with Trolling Depth IQ

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