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Downloadable Fishing Coursess

Learning how to fish like a pro can take a FEW lifetimes on the water without guidance and a plan. Finding time to join us on the water can be difficult, but we don't want that to stop you from becoming a more successful angler.


Our downloadable courses allow you to sit back, watch, listen & learn WHEN, WHERE and HOW it works for you! 


By purchasing any of our courses you will receive a video file that's yours to re-watch unlimited times, put on multiple devices, or share with friends it's completely up to you! Be sure to take advantage of our FREE course downloads  to be confident in the quality of the content you will get. 

zero to hero fishing masterclass, learn how to catch fish, learn how to fish
Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass

No fishing experience needed. No secret tricks, gimmicks, or blackmarket baits.

 The "Zero To Hero" Fishing Masterclass will teach you how solve the puzzle of fishing no matter when you fish, where you fish, or what you fish for! 

 Our framework focuses on the why's and how's of fish behaviour to help anglers make the best decisions and catch more big fish every time they're on the water!

how to fish, fishing course, water temperature impact on fish
Understanding Water Temperature

Just like the air dictates our choices water dictates how fish behave! Understanding water temperature and how it impacts fish it critical for catching them. Learn how in this course!

Stratification, areas that warm & cool the fastest (+slowest), movement of warm/cool water, & more!

how to fish, fishing course, trolling for fish, how to troll, learn to troll
Mastering The Art of Trolling

In this course you will learn how to master the art of trolling!


From understanding when and where you should use this technique, to the gear that is needed & how to set it up, overall strategies, understanding bait dive depths, and how to apply it all to put more and bigger fish in the boat! 

how to fish, how to use Fishing electronics, fish finders, sonar, how to understand
Electronics Made Easy

Electronics allow anglers to understand the world below the waters surface.


Learn how you can utilize electronics to fish more efficiently, discover hotspots, find and catch more fish every time you are on the water.

how to fish, best fishing lures, how to pick fishing lure, fishing lure hacks
Lure Selection & Modification

Picking the right tool for job can be daunting. There are hundreds of different lures on the market today and not all of them will produce results in every situation.

Learn how to decide what lures to use, when to use them, and how modifications can be made to improve performance to put more fish in the boat!

how to fish, how to use fishing lures, fishing lure instructions, where to fish, when to fish, best fishing gear
How To Fish Series

Do you know how to get the best performance out of your baits & lures?


Manufacturers rarely provide instructions on how to use their baits. Our "How To Fish Series" training modules eliminate the guesswork on when, where, and how to fish all of todays top baits to help put more fish in your boat!

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