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Everything Electronics Made Easy

understand fishing electronics, how to read fish finders, learn sonar, fish finder settings


Nothing in the fishing industry has advanced more in the past decade than electronics. While the advancements have allowed anglers to break down water more quickly, find hidden structure & cover, and ultimately catch more fish, few know how to unlock the full potential of the tools in their boats. 


In this course you will learn everything you need to know about how to set up, adjust, and interpret every type of technology currently on the market. The fish won't have anywhere to hide, learn your electronics & put more fish in the boat the next time you hit the water.


Basic sonar, flashers, down imaging (DI), side imaging (SI), 360 imaging, and live imaging as well as GPS & Autocharting technologies.

We consider lures to be tools and nothing more! Each tool has a job it is meant for or where it excels over others. Sure there are some more versatile tools that can be used in many situations but there are others that are specially designed to give you the best results in those same conditions. 


In this course you will learn the different types of lures on the market, what their features, benefits, and limitatations are, how to assess common fishing locations and conditions, and how to pull it all together to pick the right lure for the situation you are in!

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