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Depth Chart For Trolling Crankbaits

depth chart for trolling crankbaits

Trolling crankbaits is a proven method for putting fish in the boat in almost every season! Despite its potential for success there are a bunch of challenges that can reduce your success if you don't consider them! The biggest challenge when trolling crankbaits is knowing how deep your bait is or setting it to the correct depth. While there are some depth charts for trolling crankbaits the trolling depth charts have limitations. What if you want to troll at a different speed than the chart is made at? Or you use different line than the lure depth chart maker? These unknowns add challenges to your day on the water and hurt your success!

Don't let this challenge keep you from putting fish in the boat! 

New Wave Fishing Academy has done the math and modelled over 60 commercial & custom baits to give you the most precise lure dive depth information on the market.

Trolling Depth IQ Ebook explains the factors impacting lure dive depths, gives you dive curves at 3 speeds for each bait, and exclusive access to an online tool for creating custom dive depth charts under any conditions. Input the bait you're using, line rating, trolling speed, and even water temperature to instantly get a dive chart under those conditions. 

Set your bait to the exact depth you want it at.

No guessing, no doubts. 

Spend less time experimenting and more time catching with Trolling Depth IQ by clicking the link at the top of the page or below

Modelled Baits Include:

Blue Water Baits

BR Baits

BS Lures

Bucher Outdoors

Drifter Tackle






Legend Lures

Livingston Lures

Llungen Lures


Muskie Mania

Musky Armour

Musky Candies



St Lawrence Customs

Supernatural Big Baits

Tackle Industries

Tuff Shad


To experience a day of fishing on the water with us be sure to check out our YouTube channel at the link below:

Have you ever wondered why lures don't come with instructions and wanted to know how to fish them? Look no further than our "How To Fish" series where you will learn what each bait is, how to use it, when and where it excels over other baits, our preferred setup to use it on, and the common mistakes anglers make when using it. 


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