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Fishing For Beginners: Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass

Updated: Apr 4

fishing for beginners, fishing masterclass

Learning how to fish like a pro can take a FEW lifetimes on the water without guidance and a plan. Finding time to join us on the water can be difficult, but we don't want that to stop you from becoming a more successful angler or learn to fish.


Our downloadable courses allow you to sit back, watch, listen & learn to fish WHEN, WHERE and HOW it works for you! Fishing for beginners and learning how to catch fish has never been easier!


By purchasing any of our courses you will receive a video file that's yours to re-watch unlimited times, put on multiple devices, or share with friends it's completely up to you! Be sure to take advantage of our FREE course downloads  to be confident in the quality of the content you will get. This is the most extensive fishing for beginners resource on the market!

The "Zero To Hero" Fishing Masterclass will teach you how solve the puzzle of fishing no matter when you fish, where you fish, or what you fish for! This online fishing course was designed to make fishing for beginners easy, fun, help them learn to fish, and how to catch fish whenever it works for them.

 Our framework focuses on the why's and how's of fish behaviour to help anglers make the best decisions and catch more big fish every time they're on the water! No gimmicks, random patterns to remember, or secret baits. The New Wave Fishing Approach uses fish biology against them and optimizes your time on the water so you know how to catch fish with a logical and simple framework. No more guessing, no remembering random patterns, we make fishing for beginners simple, straightforward, and easy to do. Learn to fish fast!

Go from Zero To Hero when it comes to catching fish with New Wave Fishing Academy; the ultimate fishing for beginners resource!


To experience a day of fishing on the water with us be sure to check out our YouTube channel at the link below.

Check out the results of our fishing students and teachers to see what you can accomplish with New Wave Fishing Academy: 

Have you ever wondered why lures don't come with instructions and wanted to know how to fish them? Look no further than our "How To Fish" series where you will learn what each bait is, how to use it, when and where it excels over other baits, our preferred setup to use it on, and the common mistakes anglers make when using it. 


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