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Huron Bass Tour

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Despite its world class fishing potential Georgian Bay (and particularly northern Georgian Bay) is seriously lacking on the fishing tourism and industry! The Huron Bass Tour is here to change that. The first open (anyone can sign up) tournament series on Georgian Bay will push anglers to the limits as they compete against the best anglers in Ontario from Thessalon to Parry Sound.

The Tour will be broken into three divisions and each division will host 3 events. The division with the heaviest combined 1st place weight between the three events will host the Classic; A 2 day championship between the top anglers from each division. To qualify for the classic one team member must fish a minimum of three(3) events in any division or win a regular season event!

Unlike a lot of other tournament series the Huron Bass Tour makes it worth your while. Prizes are awarded up to 10th place in each event and Angler of The Year will fish the entire next season (all 9 events) free of charge! There are a number of other titles and prizes to be won on the tour.

  • Event win (40% of all sponsors and 10% of all season entries towards classic pool)

  • Angler of the Year(AOY) awarded to the angler(s) with the heaviest combined weight of any five(5) regular-season events and the two-day classic. The AOY gets all entry fees less the launch fees paid for all events in following season ($1,800.00 Value)

  • Division champion awarded to the angler(s) with the heaviest combined weights in each division. (10% of all division entries and 5%/3 of all sponsors awarded to each Division Champion)

  • Now that is a Fat Sack awarded to the angler(s) that catches the biggest bag of the season. ($1,000.00 Prize)

  • Finned Freak of Nature awarded to the angler that catches the biggest bass of the season. ($500.00 Prize)

If you're looking to learn how to consistently locate and catch bass to throughout the year to compete in tournament be sure to check out our Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass

To connect with and sign up for the Huron Bass Tour use the links below:

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