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Look For The Birds

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

When it comes to fishing there are often environmental cues that can clue you in to what the world below the surface of the water is doing. Understanding what fish are doing and where they are is a major piece in catching them. Often times on the water you may find yourself scratching your head as to where you should be looking for fish. Obviously, you can just start fishing but on large systems you might be wasting your time in 90% of the water.

One of the best indicators we have found for locating fish on large water bodies are birds! Birds also eat baitfish, crayfish, and other forages that your target fish species is also likely relying on. Driving around the body of water until you locate where the birds are hanging out will give you a great idea of where the fish are at. If the birds are on or near shore you know the bait is likely to be shallow and against the bank. But if the birds are out on islands in the middle of the lake the bait and therefore fish are likely offshore!

The key baitfish eating birds to keep an eye out for are cormorants, loons, and terns!




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