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Preventing Rust & Lure Color Fading

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Where would anglers be without their gear? Probably nowhere near catching fish. Having quality, reliable gear is what allows anglers to put fish in the boat once they manage to trick fish into biting. Unfortunately it is not always easy to keep your gear in peak condition. Rusting of metal components & fading of color patterns on rubber lures are common occurrences in tackle boxes across the nation.

Rusted hooks are less sharp, weaker, and prone to breaking during use which can cost you fish! Faded colors on lures make all your baits look the same and takes away the appeal of the lure for the situation you had planned to use it in. Fortunately, both of these issues can be solved with one minor adjustment.

Keep moisture out!

Thats right, moisture is the killer! Keeping baits in waterproof compartments (if possible) or tackle boxes will help to avoid fading and rust. If your baits are kept in compartments where moisture can get in be sure to leave the compartment open to dry out when not in use. Other methods for removing moisture from your tackle boxes are to keep a small amount of rice in the tackle box (messy option that is not recommended) or to add silica gel packets commonly found in beef jerky or other food packages to soak up the moisture! Aside from these tips the best method for avoiding rust or fading in your baits is to avoid putting wet baits back into tackle box immediately after use. Hang them up and wait for them to dry before putting back and this will eliminate almost all of the potential moisture entering your boxes and causing damage to your baits.

While rusting cannot be reversed the fading of color on your plastic baits can be by simply drying them out! Don't get rid of the baits if this happens to you. Just leave them out in a warm, well ventilated area for a while and they will likely return to the color you purchased them as.

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