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Throwback Thursday: Small Mouth Big Belly

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

At New Wave Fishing Academy we believe that practicing catch and release as much as possible is an anglers duty to the sport! It is a group effort to ensure the health of our fisheries can be maintained for future generations to enjoy as much as we have. To promote practicing catch and release we are going to share some of our favourite stories of fish we have caught & released for someone else to catch one day and create memories like the ones we are sharing with you all. If you have a story you want to share please reach out to us and we will gladly share.

This weeks Throwback Thursday story comes from New Wave Fishing Academy Father/Son duo Brandon & Les and captures their day at the first event of the Huron Bass Tour where they caught a mega bag of smallmouth bass. Catching one big fish can be difficult but to catch 5 you need to be in tune with the fish. To make it happen on tournament day, well that adds a whole new layer of difficulty.

"With a tournament on some of our home waters we only had one goal in mind; first place. From our experience we knew where to head to catch a big bag and expected to catch at least 24 lbs knowing 25+ lbs could also be achieved there.

The very first fish came barely 20 minutes into the day and was already a 4 lber. By 11 am we had a limit and had upgraded a dozen times. As the hot summer sun beat down we noticed our fish struggling in the livewell. Rather than trying to continue upgrading we made the call to get out of the open water and into the shade to try and keep them cool until weigh in. Hitting the scales we weighed 5 fish for 24.26 lbs which was good enough for 1st place overall. Unfortunately, 1 fish did not survive the heat and we incurred a 1 lb penalty dropping us to 3rd place overall."

To experience this day with us and all the big catches be sure to check out our YouTube video of the day at the link below:

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