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What We Offer

Downloadable Courses

We understand it can be difficult to find time to get out on the water, but we don't want that to stop you from becoming a better angler. Our downloadable courses will teach you how to catch more and bigger fish on every outing; where and when it works for you. 

1-On-1 Coaching

Want to learn how to break down a lake near you, prepare for an upcoming fishing trip and want to find spots to fish before you get there, or learn to target a particular species? Just want to talk fishing? Contact us to set up a 2 hour virtual coaching session where we will walk you through our process for finding fishing spots on a new body of water and help you come up with a game plan for your next trip! If you already have the basics locked down we can focus on how to get you to the next level and answer any questions you have!

On-The-Water Lessons

(Coming Soon)

One of the best ways to learn is by doing! Spend a day on the water targeting a species of your choice with us learning all you need to become a successful angler and fish on your own. No experience or gear required. Northern Pike, Bass, Walleye standard species. Lake Trout and Muskie by special request only. 

8 Hours: $XXX, Max 3 Guests

4 Hours: $XXX, Max 3 Guests

Tackle Sales (Coming Soon)

Deciding on the right lures to buy can be overwhelming.  We've taken the guess work out of it to help save you time and money . Check out our shop to purchase fully loaded tackle boxes with all the lures we recommend for targeting each species throughout the year!

Northern Pike

May - June
September - November

Northern Pike are one of the top species of the food chain. These hard fighting fish are aggressive and get to sizes in excess of 20 lbs!The best time to target Northern Pike is early or late in the year when the fish are shallow and feeding heavily.


Smallmouth Bass

July - November

Pound for pound smallmouth bass are one of the hardest fighting fish on the planet! Anglers targeting smallmouth will experience lots of action, hard drag peeling runs, and acrobatic jumps which is why the smallmouth bass is one of the favorite target species amongst anglers.


Largemouth Bass

July - October

Heavy line, heavy gear, and wrestling fish out of thick cover is a typical day for anglers targeting largemouth bass. Largemouth bass offer anglers adrenaline pumping action throughout the year.



May - November

Walleye, or pickerel as they are commonly called, are a loosely schooling fish known for their golden colors, marble like eyes, and their soft subtle bites. Anglers target walleye for their pretty colors and tasty meat; but larger walleye also put up a good fight!  Walleye can push the scales up to 15 lbs but anything over the 9 lb mark is usually considered a trophy.

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