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A Review of "Musky Metrics" By Jeff Lang

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

We received this book as a Christmas gift in 2022. By noon I had already finished all 160 pages making notes on each. Overall this was an awesome read for the advanced angler but one that is likely too technical for someone more beginner.

This book really focuses on the "why" of muskie behaviour and triggers for them to bite but the ideas can be extended to other species. Musky metrics is the system behind the Musky Hunter TV App which is used to predict peak activity times for muskie. Throughout the book you learn how this app was developed and the reasoning behind the algorithms used which gives insights to lifetimes of experience from some of the top guides in muskie fishing history (Jim Saric & Colleagues).

While coming completely from an experience and pattern recognition standpoint, working backwards to determine the triggers for fish arrive at the same conclusions as outlined in the Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass by New Wave Fishing Academy which starts out from a purely biological standpoint. Pretty cool! These conclusions were used to build the foundation for the app (& our strategies for targeting them) but stresses, and has fine tuned, the impact of each factor in each season to predict their time and activity level. The app uses real time data to give anglers the best information and prediction possible.

To get the most out of this book the reader really needs to have an understanding of the "hows of muskie fishing" and be able to make plans to target them in each season already. The book focuses a lot on strategy for how to adapt to muskie behaviour rather than the locations, techniques, or baits to catch them. Now what do I mean by strategy here; since location, technique, and bait is typically considered your strategy. In terms of strategy this book focuses on ways to optimize your time on the water. Do you fish new water, camp on a spot, when to return to a fish that followed, the way to make these decisions is the strategy I'm referring to. This information helped to re-enforce our own knowledge and tactics as well as highlight the importance of sticking to a plan and being efficient on the water. There are some very good points about using certain baits under specific conditions to be efficient.

Some of the specifically stated lessons from this book:

- Context is the ultimate factor in decision making

- There is never one controlling factor rather the culmination of a bunch of factors leading to behaviour

- Musky don't feed based on hunger rather instinct from environmental changes (their data and ability to create an algorithm has proven this)

- Being efficient on the water and planning properly is essential to putting muskie in the boat (knowing when to search new water, when to return to fish, when to camp out, and how to select spots)

Some of the more discrete lessons from this book that we picked up on by looking between the lines and connecting the data points with our own experiences:

- The value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

- Good information is your greatest weapon (app is another piece of info)

- Muskie are not that active of fish, much more of a hunting approach than fishing when compared with other species (tracking movements, location, returning when most vulnerable

- YOU ARE CRAZY if you think you can be successful without doing your homework, putting in time on the water, and making good decisions. Success is a culmination of all the good decisions you make not one lucky one.

- Single bite days are MORE OFTEN THAN NOT all you can expect, BUT you can also have wild days (6 x 50"+ in one day according to this book) so don't limit yourself

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