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A Review of "Northern Pike Fishing Bible" By Aaron Benes

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

A Very short read. A completely anecdotal account but does cover a few different kinds of water bodies. Mostly a single strategy approach for each season and a great introduction to some of the factors that should be considered when targeting northern pike. Throughout the book there is no indication of the why's for pike behaviour other than mentioning pike like temps less than 70 F and while this is true from scientific studies (which focus on fingerlings) trophy caliber pike from our experience prefer much colder waters than this; 55-60 F.

The one tip in the book which we completely disagree with is the use of the same braided line for 15 years. While cutting off the used sections is a way to preserve this line on the spool there are other elements which can damage the line while it sits on the spool (knicks, sun damage, not drying properly, becoming loose on spool) that are not worth the risk of losing a potential personal best fish. Taking care of your gear can prolong how long the line is used but changing out the line at least the beginning of each season is a must especially for the rods you use the most. For ones that sit in the rod locker most of the time and are backups you can probably get away with changing less frequently.

Lessons From The Books

- Not all bodies of water (or areas of a giant body of water) fish the same

- Pike Movements To Deep Water In Warm Weather

- Trolling & Casting each have a place & time

Lessons Between The Lines

- Highlights importance of water temperature and separation of big & small pike

- Vertical Structure (Quick access between deep and shallow) is a must for big fish

While the information in this book is a good starting point for the beginner angler and fairly accurate we did not find it offered the reader an explanation or true understanding of the "why's" of pike behaviour nor was it anywhere near complete. We would not consider it a "Bible" as the title implies as it leaves a ton of un-answerd questions and scenarios that could be targeted by anglers. Without understanding the "why" we at New Wave Fishing Academy find it hard to be successful day in and day out as the patterns become random rules to remember. Once the "Why" is understood the random dots between the patterns become a path leading you to the fish every time you hit the water. To learn more of the "why" of northern pike behaviour and how to develop a strategy based on this be sure to take the "Targeting Northern Pike" module as part of our Zero To Hero Masterclass.

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