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A Review of "The Key To Catching Trophy Largemouth Bass" By Tom Shultz

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Short Read, Tom Shultz is just an average guy who likes to catch big fish and learned from others of the sort. There is a big emphasis on you being able to do this and not thinking you aren't able to because you aren't a tournament pro. This is something we at New Wave Fishing Academy whole heartedly agree with. Much like Tom, our goal is to help others become better anglers, for simply enjoying the sport as much as we do without interference of sponsor obligations. Tom takes a very to the point approach in this book when dealing with common fishing myths and explains them. The rest of the book is a recount of his experiences and accomplishments in his fishing "career" to help establish his credibility.

Book Lessons

- 3 Days of consistent weather gets the fish behaving regularly (This matches our observations and as outlined the Zero To Hero Masterclss)

- Lures Are Just Tools That Have A Time & Place (Sounds Familiar To Our Work!)

- Fish & Particularly Big Fish Get Conditioned

- Trolling & Casting Both Have A Place

- There Is Always Exceptions To The Rules (True as the "rules" aren't so much rules as playing the percentages)

Lessons Between The Lines

- Always be learning & experimenting

- Nothing stays the same forever; you need to adapt to conditions

- To catch big fish you need to go to waters that produce numbers of big fish

While this book is mostly a recount of anecdotal notes there are a number of good tips and focus on the importance of understanding your environment. While the "why" of different tips is not as clear Tom does a good job at explaining multiple ways of looking at the situation to explain the success of the tip. Without understanding the "why" we at New Wave Fishing Academy find it hard to be successful day in and day out as the patterns become random rules to remember. Once the "Why" is understood the random dots between the patterns become a path leading you to the fish every time you hit the water. To learn more of the "why" of Largemouth behaviour and how to develop a strategy based on this be sure to take the "Targeting Largemouth Bass" module as part of our Zero To Hero Masterclass.

If you or someone you know is looking to get into fishing or you just want to become a more successful angler be sure to check out our "Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass" for courses on everything fishing! The masterclass is built to help you learn how to find and catch fish like the pro's by providing all the information you need and a clear development path! Don't miss out check it out now at

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