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A Review Of "Trolling Big Water Walleyes" By W.H. Chip Goss

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Trolling Big Water Walleyes is a pretty good read for both the beginner or advanced angler. This text features a tackle box full of instruction on "what" to do & "how" to do it. While the what & how is of value for the beginner angler they may find it harder to read between the lines to understand the "why" behind the tactics and strategy. For the more seasoned angler looking between the lines also reveals some great insights into the behaviour of walleye.

Although this book contains boat loads of good information on the importance of understanding your gear and where your bait is there is one critical element for trolling that is missed. The one item that is not covered in this book is ensuring that your line counter reel is "tuned" properly and how to adjust if it is not. For a book solely focused on trolling and helping anglers troll more effectively I think this is a big miss. Not having your line counter set up properly will lead to baits being in a different depth zone than intended and make repeating bites extremely difficult from one rod to the next. To learn about tuning your line counter reels to ensure the counter reading is accurate be sure to check out our tutorial at the link below.

Some of the key pieces of information we were able to pick up on by reading this text are below:

  • Fish are shallow early in the year (but may be offshore over deep water)

Be sure to run your trolling baits high in the water column!

  • Big waters require time to find fish (walleye travel up to 100 miles after spawn)

You need to cover water quickly to stay on bait & fish. Be sure fish are in area before trolling slowly after them.

  • Information Is Power

The author mentions multiple times the great distances fish will travel from one outing to the next and how staying on them without wasting time comes from information of friends, catch reports online, and other anglers. The most important tool any angler can have is quality information. It's how you make all your decisions and determines its success. Be sure you set yourself up with quality information.

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