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Record Catch? Here's What To Do

biggest fish ever caught world record largemouth bass

Congratulations! If you're reading this article you must have caught a giant, but now what? We don't want you to go through the process only to find out something was done incorrectly and your Ontario record, or world record catch gets disqualified. If you think you've caught a record fish and want to go through the process of verifying here is what you need to do:

  1. Make sure the fish is kept in healthy condition while you complete the rest of this list. Keep it in a livewell, in the net, and in cool conditions out of the sun as much as possible.

  2. Check the current records to be sure it is in fact a record! Ontario Records, IGFA Records

  3. Check the IGFA rules to be sure you qualify. OFAH rules can be found here

  4. GET TO SHORE. Only weights on solid ground will count. Standing in boat will not count even if beached or docked.

  5. Start Taking Photos & Videos. A photo of angler with fish, angler with fish+rod+reel, fish on bump board with close ups of head and tail, girth, are all required. Picture on the scale with weight and picture of scale needed.

  6. IGFA has no certified weigh stations in Canada! If your scale is not pre-calibrated you will need to submit it with the application! For length record the catch must be measured on an IGFA bump board. OFAH submissions must occur on a government calibrated scale!

  7. Save your line, leader, lure. IGFA & OFAH requires this to be submitted.

  8. Form Completion - IGFA Can occur online. You will need to state the record type, species (common & scientific names), date & location of catch, release alive status, and contact information. OFAH must be filled out and mailed in.

  9. Applications must be received within 60 days of catch to be considered for IGFA records and 30 days for OFAH records!

  10. Unfortunately the OFAH requires submission of fish which must be whole, frozen, and in possession of the angler until requested by registry officials


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