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Boat Organization

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

In fishing sometimes you have great days, great hours, a few good minutes, or sometimes you only get a few key moments to put fish in the boat. When time is critical it pays to be organized in the boat. The longer you are searching for a replacement soft plastic, or a new jighead to tie on is less time you're fishing. If the bite is on while you're busy in the boat you could miss out on the best bites of the day.

In order to stay organized in the boat be sure to have a place for everything. Using tackle trays to store similar baits or terminal tackle is one good way to do this. For organizing soft plastics we have found that the Flambeau half satchel is the best way to keep similar baits together, keep them dry, and keep them easily accessible. If you find you have too many trays to keep track you can add labels to easily distinguish when out on the water.

Having a dedicated tool area and being sure to put them back after each use will also help get hooks out of fish or retied in a flash! Boat accessories like the brocraft boat caddy (see link below) can hold and store your tools as well as lures you may be switching between frequently.

This saves you time on the water and helps put more fish in the boat.

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