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BS Lures

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

When it comes to targeting big toothy critters like pike and musky you need tough gear! Having lures that can stand up to these fish and the harsh conditions that go along with them is critical to make sure they make it into the net. High end lures like these are not always readily available at franchised stores so having local options is great for Ontario anglers. One of these high end options is BS Lures. They have been kind enough to give us the run down on all they do and their plans for the upcoming season and we are passing this along to you. Here's what they had to say:

BS Lures is a father and son owned and operated small batch lure company. We’re located in Wasaga Beach, Ontario and focus all our time on building musky lures. All of our lures are made of a premium local white cedar, thru wired with tough stainless steel wire and coated in a premium epoxy finish! We try to build the toughest lure to make sure you can use this how ever you want to.

We started building lures at the start of 2019 with only a couple of prototypes! We fished with them throughout the remainder of the season until we found the right action, shape and perfected our finish! Over the years we still keep learning by adding special touches that we didn’t think of when we started out! Currently we offer 4 models! The dinner bells in sizes 6.5”, 9.5”, and 14”! The Subterranean Shads come in one size at 9".

Here at New Wave we are having some custom 14" baits being made up BS Lures for the late fall hunt for giant fish. We are confident they will produce as BS Lures have been producing big fish from the first time they hit the water! The Ontario waters weren't ready for these new baits and a boatload of muskie were tricked into being caught . The first 4 fish caught on BS Lures (shown below) range from 42 - 49". Talk about an impressive start and reward for all the hard work on bait design and manufacturing! Way to go BS Lures!

BS Lures can be found on Facebook at

and on instagram @bslureco

To learn more about targeting muskie check out our Muskie specific module in the Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass which outlines how to find and target these fish throughout the year no matter what kind of water bodies you fish!

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