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Just Keep Casting

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

There is no simpler yet effective way to guarantee you put more fish in the boat than to just keep casting! We are all aware that you can't catch anything if your lure isn't in the water but we have noticed a big difference in how more experienced anglers compare to beginners when it comes to how they act in spite of this.

From countless hours on the water with avid, casual, and beginner anglers one major observation that we have made is how many more casts the avid angler will make in a day compared to those less experienced! Now, we're not talking about one or two more but dozens or even hundreds depending on the length of day even while using the same techniques. The result? The more experienced angler putting more fish in the boat while the beginner wondering what they are doing wrong.

You may be thinking that there is no way this is true but let us break it down for you! First of all lets talk about the fact of how unlikely it is for your lure to get in front of a fish. Even in a small lake of 10 acres and average depth of 10 ft there is 4,356,000 ft^3 of water the fish can be in. With each cast you may be able to cover 100 ft in length up to 2 ft on each side of the bait and above or below. In other words 800 ft^3 per cast. To cover all the water in this small pond it would take 5445 casts (but you would need to keep switching baits to cover the entire water column). Even at 1 cast every 2 minutes for 10 hours straight you would need 18 days to make this many casts!

From our experience beginner anglers tend to make shorter casts, casts outside the prime ambush areas, repeat the same casts. multiple times, and take longer breaks between casts while more experienced anglers make casts immediately after the other, cover water, and put their bait in the prime ambush areas. When it is already unlikely that you will get a bait in front of fish the more casts you make the higher your chances of encountering one become! If the experienced angler can average 1 cast every 2 minutes for a full 10 hour day and a beginner only averages 1 cast every 5 minutes (and a shorter one) over the course of the day the experienced angler will have covered at least 144,000 ft^3 (240,000 - 96,000) ft^3 more in the day. It's that simple! Stay focused, cast more, cover more water, and put more fish in the boat!

The next time you are on the water and wondering why you aren't catching remember; JUST KEEP CASTING!

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