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Easy Gas Syphon

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

If you go camping or store gas at your cottage you know the struggles of filling up your boat from jerry cans and the stress to not spill gas into the water. Although you can buy fancy pumps to help empty the jerry can more efficiently there are cheaper and easier methods.

One such method is a syphon. A syphon uses the cohesive properties of liquids to create a flow from the jerry can into your boat gas tank. Now I know what you might be thinking, "I'm not sucking on a hose to start this syphon", well good news! You don't have to. An easy syphon can be created by putting a check valve on one end of a piece of tubing. Just be sure the flow direction is through the check valve and then out to the open end of the tube!

Once you have this all you need to do is place the check valve end into the jerry can and open tube end into your boat tank, lift and lower the check valve end quickly a few times to force gas in and fill the line, and watch as the syphon takes over to empty the jerry can!

Stop spilling your gas into the water and struggling to lift jerry cans for a good pour. Make a simple check valve syphon and keep it in the boat for easy access at all times. It takes up no space at all and will save your back, wallet, and the environment! If you don't want to make one yourself these devices can be found on Amazon for under $30.

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