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Getting The Perfect Photo

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Let's not pretend like getting a great photo isn't important. Whether you want it for yourself, to show your friends and family, or for instagram a great photo lets you relive a good memory or moment whenever you look at it.

It could be your first fish, your first trophy, a new personal best or just to prove you actually caught something for those friends who never believe you; making sure you capture the moment is important. The photo is a token of the day and you don't want it to take away from your memory by getting a bad one. Some tips to make sure you take a great photo are listed below:

  1. Make Sure Sun Is Behind Camera

If the sun is shining into the camera (or is at the anglers back) they will appear like a shadow. this makes the photo very difficult to see and does not show off the true colours of the fish. When the sun is behind the camera is shines off of the fish and angler back into the camera and you get a much higher quality photo.

2. Camera Height Parallel Or Lower Than Height Of Fish

Be sure to hold the camera at a height parallel with or slightly lower than the fish. Having the camera at a more aerial view reduces the "depth" of the photo where as shooting from parallel or below add depth to the photo.

3. Show The Good Side Of The Fish

Sometimes fish have injuries! If the fish does have injuries on one side you may want to show the other to the camera. This is personal preference but a photo of your trophy catch that is clean and without injury displays much better in a picture frame in the living room or wherever else you decide to put it.

4. Support The Fish

Big fish aren't built to be held by their jaws. When taking photos with your trophy catch be sure to support the weight of the fish in a horizontal hold with both hands to avoid injury to the fish and show off its true size!

5. Get Close With Camera

When taking your photo don't be afraid to get close with the camera. You shouldn't force the fish to take up the whole image but the angler and fish should cover about 75% of the image. Taking the picture from too far away will make your fish look smaller and takes the focus away from you into what is going on elsewhere in the photo.

6. Hold Fish Away From Your Body

When holding the fish don't hold it tight to your body! This makes it look smaller in comparison to yourself. While you should not hold the fish out at arms length to make it look bigger than it is you should bend your elbows at 90 degrees to hold the fish straight out and away from your body. This makes the fish look great by keeping the frame of reference further from your body while also not embellishing the size of your catch!

Try to use some of these tips the next time you're on the water to help capture the perfect moment!





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