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How Many Fishing Rods You Really Need

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

how many fishing rods should i have

As a beginner angler or someone who has never picked up a fishing rod that looks into the boat or storage area of an avid angler one of the first question that will come to your mind is "why do you have so many fishing rods?" and after this you will probably think "Do I need more fishing rods?". The short answer to these questions is NO. As a beginner you absolutely do not need multiple rods; but there are reasons why experienced anglers do have so many.

The main reason why anglers have multiple rods is that each rod is a tool for a specific job. The previous blog posts we made on rod action and rod power describe how to select a rod for a given application to get the absolute best performance possible. Are these needed to be successful on the water? No, but experienced anglers are often trying to maximize their chances on the water and even managing to land one more fish in a day because of the improved performance of the rod can be worth the investment.

The second reason why anglers have multiple rods is for efficiency on the water. How often have you wanted to try a different lure in a spot but were too lazy to cut and re-tie? For us its a lot. Not to mention this means you have to take off a lure that may have been productive up until this point that you want to stick with. Having multiple rods allows anglers to rig up multiple presentations and quickly switch back and forth between. This means they can offer an aggressive fish a few options quickly before it leaves an area to capitalize on the active behaviour and avoid the time it takes to re-tie where the bite can die or the fish moves on. Spending less time tying baits means more time fishing and more fish in the boat at the end of the day.

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