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How To Catch Walleye The New Wave Way

how to catch walleye fishing tips

Walleye (yellow pickerel) are a prized sport fish & food source! Despite what most anglers think walleye are constantly on the move. Their enhanced low light vision & preference for cool waters dictate their behaviour throughout the year and can cause them to travel huge distances.

Our fishing course on how to catch walleye details all the key factors anglers need to consider to understand walleye behaviour, locate them in every season or type of water body, and the best fishing techniques for catching them.

Learn what drives walleye to behave the way they do, their seasonal movements, how to identify feeding spots, & the best methods for enticing them to bite in each scenario.

By completing this fishing class at the link below you will learn how to find and catch walleye no matter where or when you fish!


To experience a day of fishing on the water with us be sure to check out our YouTube channel at the link below.

Check out the results of our fishing students and teachers to see what you can accomplish with New Wave Fishing Academy: 

Have you ever wondered why lures don't come with instructions and wanted to know how to fish them? Look no further than our "How To Fish" series where you will learn what each bait is, how to use it, when and where it excels over other baits, our preferred setup to use it on, and the common mistakes anglers make when using it. 


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