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Jerkbaits: The ONLY Spring Fishing Lure You Need

Picking the right lure to use can be overwhelming. While each lure has a time and place it will excel over others it can be difficult to know what to use when. Fortunately, regardless of species, there is one fishing lure that all anglers must have in their tackle box if they want to put fish in the boat during the spring time - Jerkbaits! In our boat the jerkbait is the first fishing lure to get put on and one of the last to come off when the spring period ends.

In the spring the water is cold but on the rise. Fish and forage are moving shallow and becoming more active after a winter of inactivity in preparation for the spawn or to recover afterwards but drastic weather swings between day and night can put them in weird moods. This means shallow water fishing with fish of varying activity levels, some that are willing to chase, others that barely want to move, and everything in between; but all NEED to eat! As the spring progresses and weather patterns become more stable the general activity level of fish will increase and more fish will be willing to chase.

When fish are willing to chase anglers can use just about any lure to get bit as long as they are getting it in front of the fish. The ones that aren't? Well, those fish need a little extra time to get to the bait, think about biting, and then bite it. Not only this but these fish tend to only want to eat from a certain portion of the water column (at their level, above them, or below them). When fishing lures move out of the desired portion of the water column following fish will lose interest or just not bite.

While most lures sink or float jerkbaits have the ability to suspend! This allows anglers to keep a lure in front of the fish and in their strike zone for long periods of time if it is necessary. Jerkbaits can also be fished quickly, slowly, or left to sit motionless for lots of time. Jerkbaits are the only fishing lures that allow anglers to fish all of these conditions without changing baits! Deep diving versions allow anglers to reach greater depths if needed.

For an entire breakdown on how to fish a jerkbait, where to fish a jerkbait, common mistakes to avoid, and what gear to use for fishing a jerkbait be sure to check out the Jerkbait lesson in our "How To Fish" series at the link below. This series of online fishing courses give complete fishing lure instructions for all of the top baits on the market:


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