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Landit Lure Company

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

"Don't lose it, land it!"

Landit Lure Company is a recent addition to the New Wave Fishing Academy tackle box this season. After discovering them through instagram we have become friends with Landit president Orlando Zecca and are happy to support such a high quality bait produced right here in Ontario! We can't wait to put some fish in the boat with Landit Lures this year. Orlando has taken the time to share the Landit story with all of us and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! We are expecting to see big things from Landit this season. To get in touch with Orlando and Landit Lure Co reach out to or visit them online at or on instagram

The Landit Lure Company Story

My passion for crafting lures began in 2015 when I was 20 years old.

It all started with a gift from my grandfather. A set of carving tools passed down by his father- a well-respected artist from Germany. I wasted little time in using these tools to craft a variety of lures for bass, pike and musky.

Fast forward to 2019. I had just completed my first season as a multi-species fishing guide at Andersons Lodge in Sioux Lookout, NW Ontario. With so much time on the water, I began to build a deeper understanding of my environment. Each day brought new challenges which would then call for action. As a result, I learned to develop patterns which would help achieve success at a professional level. Simultaneously, I developed great respect for the gear responsible in keeping the bite alive and my body warm.

Conditions can be challenging; you never know how the fish will respond until you’re on the water. You need an effective selection of “user-friendly” baits, capable of fishing the entire water column with ease to give the fish what they want. The elements in North Western Ontario can be equally challenging. I believe it is extremely important to stay comfortable while fishing in all forms of weather. These two core principles manifested into the idea that would connect my passion of lure building and guiding. It was then I decided to build a brand based around my needs as a professional fishing guide in NW Ontario.

Shortly after the 2019 season commenced, I took my idea to the next level and built the “Essential Guide Line”, consisting of custom wooden lures and high-quality fishing apparel. In 2020, Landit Lure Co. Ltd. incorporated and began selling to the public through our domain

The 2021 Landit line-up proved to be effective in catching numbers, as well as some real trophy fish. Multiple Team Landit anglers boated trophy northern pike and musky on a variety of baits throughout the season. One team member managed to guide a client to the Anderson’s Lodge 2021 season longest pike @ 43.5” on an 8” Landit Lurker.

Landit Lure Co. pro staff put our baits through rigorous hours of field testing and proved not only are they musky strong, they’re built to last fish after fish. Pictured below is Troy Crawford (Owner - TCS Adventures) with one of many Lac Seul master angler muskellunge he landed on his fire perch 8.5” Landslide. This isn't a fluke; landits have put a ton of giant fish in the boat so far and lived to tell the tale until the next big one comes along.

After a promising first 2 years of operations, I decided to permanently relocate to Sioux Lookout, Ontario. As a result, I closed down the bait shop in southern Ontario and am currently on the hunt for a new working location. Although lure production is halted, we are still able to sell custom fishing apparel through In fact, we will be launching the “Landit on Lac Seul” performance fishing line June 2022. So keep your eyes open on our socials for more information. If you would like to get in contact with me regarding Landit Lures, fishing apparel, or other business opportunities please contact Orlando Zecca at

2021/22 Landit Lure Co Line Up:

When it comes to building baits, I like to build what I primarily use while guiding. Some would argue that they are relatively small baits for big fish, and they would be right. I often explain to guests, not every fish is fixing to eat a double quarter-pounder with cheese combo every meal. Big fish can exert less energy honing in on and gulping down a 5-8” bait with ease as opposed to 10-12” casting presentations. Also, downsizing your baits will dramatically increase fishability. Meaning you can cast all day with little to no strain on your body. Therefore, I rely heavily on using smaller baits with big action to target fish throughout the entire water column.

Kickback- 5” slow sinking lipless jerkbait that can be fished virtually any way imaginable. Jerk it, glide it, twitch it, swim it, LANDIT.

Landslides- 5”,7.5”, and 8.5” glide baits that feature a killer combination of walk-the-dog and slow sinking death wobble.

Lurker: 6”,8” slow rising minnow style jerkbait that can be casted or trolled (dives between 8-15ft)

Lizzy: 7” slow rising crankbait that will erratically wander to 18ft while staying true at high speeds. [11” Model on the way.]

Team Landit: Catch & Release 2021

43” Northern Pike - Lake Superior (courtesy of Nick Gratton)

Andersons Lodge - Orlando Zecca (Guide) w/ Joe Andrezejewski 50” Musky on Lac Seul.

44” Muskellunge – Lac Seul (courtesy of Troy Crawford @ TCS Adventures)

42” Northern Pike – Abram Lake (Courtesy of Orlando Zecca)

TCS Adventures – Troy Crawford 44” Lac Seul Musky


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