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Late Fall Fishing Tips

As thanksgiving weekend passes most boaters start taking their boats to be winterized. If you're an angler; DON'T! While late fall fishing can be a little uncomfortable it also offers up some of the best fishing of the year. Fish are at their absolute heaviest weight and are packed into very small areas where they will stay until spring. This means the potential for a new personal record catch and numbers of big fish!

Unlike fishing in the summer late fall fishing comes with other risks and challenges. The biggest being temperature. The air temperature is cold and the water temperature is cold enough to initiate hypothermia quickly. If you're not prepared you won't last a day on the water. Remember that water and especially wind on the water has a big cooling effect and so it will feel extra cold compared to on shore. Here's our tips to make a successful fall trip:

  1. Layer Up - Once you get a chill you can't warm back up but you can always shed layers. Its not uncommon to have a base layer, long sleeve shirt, sweater, and then floater coat on at once!

  2. Safety First - Floater suits are a must. If you fall into cold water with multiple layers on you're likely not going to be able to swim well; no matter how strong of a swimmer you are. Wearing a lifejacket is good but a full floater suit is your best bet and will be the most comfortable.

  3. Stay Dry - Getting splashed from rushing to a spot can ruin your day. Use your boat top if possible or take things slowly if needed.

  4. Have A Plan To Warm Up - should anything happen having a plan to warm back up is a must for your own safety. How far from home are you going? Can you get back in minutes should anything happen? Having emergency blankets, extra clothes, gloves, and a heater can be the difference between a bad situation and a fatal one.

  5. Keep It Simple - Trolling, Jigging, & Live baiting are your best options for success. Fish are deep and not that mobile so soaking you bait is a must!

To experience a day of fishing on the water with us be sure to check out our YouTube channel at the link below.

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