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Ontario Fishing Tournaments

ontario fishing tournaments near me

If you're an angler in Ontario you may be wondering what opportunities are available for competition? Fishing tournaments can be a fun way to test yourself, elevate your skill level, & win prizes! In Ontario there are a number of fishing circuits available to anglers for all species. If a fishing league is not your style there are also a ton of single event tournaments that can be entered. These can be an easy and cost friendly way to dip your toes into the tournament scene without a big commitment.

The list below is a snapshot of the fishing tournament opportunities Ontario anglers can participate in. Check the list below to find a fishing event that works for you this season!

If you're looking to prepare for upcoming tournaments and learn more about your target species or how to fish more efficiently be sure to take a look at our fishing courses (especially the advanced modules!).

Individual Fishing Tournament Events In Ontario

The commitment of individual tournament events are much less than a tournament series. The prizes are typically smaller but so is the entry fee.

Pike Tournaments

Georgian Bay Big Pike Contest - Entry Form

Musky Tournaments

Georgian Bay Big Musky Contest - Entry Form

Nestor Falls Musky Cup -

St Clair Muskie Challenge -

Bass Tournaments

Grand River Bass Derby -

Mitchells Bay Open -

Fort Francis Canadian Bass Championship -

Salmon Tournaments

Great Ontario Salmon Derby -

Scotty King of Kings Tournament -

Silver Salmon Challenge -

Wawa salmon fishing derby -

Walleye Tournaments

Dryden Walleye Masters -

Kapuskasing River Walleye Tournament -

Emo Walleye Classic -

St Catherines Area Events

Fishing Tournament Series In Ontario

Tournament series don't always but can require signing up for each event. The time & financial commitment are much higher than any individual event however points can stack throughout the season so bigger prizes can be won. Tournament series will fish a number of different bodies of water or areas on extremely large bodies of water which will challenge the competing anglers to perform in different scenarios.

Bass Fishing Tournament Series

Huron Bass Tour -

Nipissing Bass Series -

Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Series -

Elite Canadian Bass Anglers Tour -

Ontario Kayak Bass Trail -

Shootout Fishing League -

Bait Fuel Fishing Tour -

Major League Fishing -

Kingston Avid Anglers -

Quinte Fishing Series -

Pike Fishing Tournament Series

Musky Fishing Tournament Series

Walleye Fishing Tournament Series

Northern Ontario Walleye Trail -


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