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Picking The Right Sunglasses

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

When it comes to boating and fishing not all sunglasses are made equal! Sure there are some highly specialized and expensive models on the market make exclusively for these activities but do you really need them? In our opinion, no! While the expensive options are very nice they are likely to get damaged while out fishing, dropped into the lake, scratched, or broken which makes us prefer to buy multiple cheap options that are easily replaceable without breaking the bank. While the fishing industry isn't known for being fashion savvy the style of sunglasses you choose to wear will impact the performance.

1. First and foremost you must buy sunglasses that are polarized! Polarized sunglasses are able to cut glare reflecting off the water so that you can see into it better. This is a must for spotting fish, submergent weeds, and rocks!

2. The style of sunglasses is also important. Styles that are loose fitting and bulky may be comfy and look great but the gaps between the inside of the lens and your face allows light to enter which makes it more difficult to see into the water. In order to get the maximum visibility into the water sunglass styles which are tight fitting are needed.

Tight Fitting Sunglasses

Loose Fitting Sunglasses

3. Next is the lens colour. Picking the right lens colour can make all the difference in improving your visibility. On dark gloomy days sunglasses with amber or yellow lenses will brighten up your surroundings and allow great visibility though the water. On bright sunny days a darker lens like black or blue will cut the glare the best.

4. Some of our favourite pairs of sunglasses are under $30. Check them out at the link here:

For more tips on the tools that can help anglers put more fish in the boat and how to use them check out our Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass at the link below.

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