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SJR Musky Baits

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

SJR musky baits is a new company out of New Brunswick that has been boating a ton of giant fish already. The owner had started jigging his local Saint John river in NB and was having a ton of success. Only problem was he couldn't drift down river at speed and keep the bait under the boat in electronic cone to see if the fish were around and liking the offering.

His good friend Landry Smith (owner of Rover baits) helped create and design the SJR sucker. We based it off the fish "nackwick fatty" Google it, she had a 17" white sucker in its stomach and was ridiculous big 50.875 x 29.75 found half dead/alive from dirty water. This gave them the profile they needed and they made it heavy and streamline for current

They tested and send trial baits out the first year and had success from LOTW to the St Lawrence and Saint John river. With the success of last season they officially started production and dropped the first lineup of baits over this past winter and are excited to see the pigs that come this season!

SJR baits can be found on facebook at the link here:

Are you one of those people that don't believe it until you see it? Fear not the SJR sucker has boated a ton of giant fish. Just check out the photos below:


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