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Storing Gear For Winter

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

With the quick approach of winter and most anglers already off the water for the season there are a number of steps that they should take to prepare their gear to be put away for the winter. Anglers gear is their main connection to the fish. Their collections are expansive, and expensive! Keeping good care of it will help ensure more fish get in the boat and that you have enough cash to continue hitting the water next season!

The most important thing to do before winter is dry out your gear! Being in a boat and on the water there is bound to be moisture in tackle trays, in your reels, or in the place they are stored currently. Ensuring that they are dried out properly prior to putting in the shed, boat compartment, or wherever you plan to store your gear will ensure it is in the same quality you left it in when you plan to hit the water next season. Note: trying to dry out your gear in a cool environment (like your garage, or the outdoor shed you plan to keep it in) will not work. You might need to bring them into your house to dry out before putting away in storage.

When putting your rods and reels away be sure to check that drags and tensioners are loosened off to prevent seizing over the winter when not in use. Opening up the reel casing to ensure they are clean, free from debris or grit are also great steps to take to ensure the longevity of your assets!

If you are the type of angler who pre-rigs soft plastics on jigheads or hooks you may want to consider removing them or being extra sure these are moisture free! Soft plastics loaded with salt are hydroscopic (meaning they absorb moisture from the atmosphere) which can lead to increased corrosion and rusting over the winter!

This is also the time of year to take stock of all the damaged gear you accumulated over the season! Do you have any damaged eyelets that need repair? Reels that should be oiled and cleaned? Do you need to re-stock on terminal tackle or buy some spares lures?


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