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Sunscreen Alternatives

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

When out on the water the sun has a way of getting you extra burnt by reflecting off the water. This is especially true early in the year when we've been cooped up inside all winter and not used to the sun. Sunscreen is an important tool everyone should use to be sure they protect themselves from the suns rays. Constant sun burns and unprotected exposure to the sun can leave you at risk for developing skin cancer.

If you're like me, remembering to constantly put on sunscreen throughout the day is difficult often when focusing on fishing. I often forget to apply or only put it on first thing in the morning which leaves me with a nasty burn by the end of the weekend.

Luckily there are some alternatives that you can use to protect yourself from the sun if using sunscreen isn't for you!

The use of sun gaiters can protect your face while out on the water for the day. Combined with UPF rated long sleeve shirts (which are lightweight and very breathable) and pants you can be protected all day long without having to use sunscreen at all! Some of our favourite sun gear can be found at the links below if you are interested.


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