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The Benefits of Small Water Fishing

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

While we have come to know Georgian Bay as our home and spend the majority of our time targeting fish on this massive body of water this was not always the case! Each member of the New Wave Fishing Team got their start in fishing and really developed their love for the sport in small waters.

Small waters offer anglers, and especially new anglers, tremendous opportunities at catching and learning the basics of fishing. Small watercraft like kayaks and canoes can get to places bigger boats can’t and lakes, ponds, or areas that are only accessible with the smaller watercraft often hold great fishing opportunities. These fish are not conditioned to anglers and are easier to entice bites. Fishing from canoes and kayaks also gets rid of your control of the fish and so the fight is a lot more exciting as you can get towed around the lake.

The big benefit is that planning your trip (where you will fish) is not needed. Smaller bodies of water make it easier for anglers to encounter fish whether they are in a boat, kayak, canoe, or on the bank. The easier the fish are to encounter the more likely you are to catch one even if you don’t understand why the fish are doing what they are doing. Anglers can quickly see what is and is not working to catch fish and this lets them work on their skills and different techniques to catch fish. This lets you learn and start to put the puzzle together! Small water fishing is also very simply. Since there is likely no or minimal offshore structure & cover all anglers need to do to catch fish is beat the bank (fish the shoreline). Anything that sticks out along the shoreline or that is different (like fallen trees, docks, weeds) will likely hold fish.

The other benefits to small waters is that they are safer! Smaller bodies of water can’t produce waves like larger bodies of water and so capsizing or getting stranded is a lot less likely. If something does happen you will also be close to shore at all times meaning there is no real danger.

Small water fishing is what gave all of us at New Wave Fishing Academy our love for the sport. It is a great way to introduce others to fishing and offers a lot learning opportunities that may not be as visible when fishing larger bodies of water.

To learn more about how your fishing style and tactics should change for different types of water bodies check out module I4 of our Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass at the link below!

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