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The New Wave Fishing Advantage

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

For me fishing is not just a hobby or a passion, it’s part of who I am. It’s helped me celebrate the good times, got me through the bad times, and shaped me into the person I am today! I truly have no idea where I would be in life if I had not got into fishing. Growing up in the Parry Sound area with friends and family already into fishing I had no shortage of opportunities to get out on the water. I realize not everyone is this fortunate and hope to use New Wave Fishing Academy to get others into the sport and give them all they need to enjoy it as much as I do.

As someone who has been consumed with figuring out how to catch more and bigger fish every time I get out on the water I’ve spent my whole life studying the sport, reading every fishing article published online, watching interviews, Youtube videos, and fishing TV shows, to try and gain the edge. The problem I had with all these resources is that they were either too general (I still didn’t know how to apply the knowledge), too specific (the tips didn’t work where I lived), or there was no explanation as to why you had to these things to catch fish.

This wasn’t good enough for me and you shouldn’t have to settle either. Fishing isn’t cheap; sure it costs money but you’re really investing your time and that you can’t get back. Every minute of the water is precious and if this is what you are choosing to spend your free time doing you should be able to get the most out of it! We all enjoy fishing but can agree; catching is a whole lot better!

But how can you take the big grey mystery box of fishing and make it simple so catching fish is easy?

You don’t!

New Wave Fishing Academy has done the work you so you don’t have to.

More important than catching fish we strive to understand why we are able to catch them. This mindset led to the development of a framework for understanding why fish do what they do and how anglers can use this information to put more in the boat. Our framework takes a scientific approach to fishing and uses real information / data to make help make decisions that put anglers in the best position to catch fish.

No more gimmicks, no more secret spots, tricks, or baits. The framework allows anglers to quickly identify what are the important questions to consider and how to make the right decisions no matter where, when, or what you are fishing for. What would take you more than a lifetime to learn on your own can be compressed into the 15 hour “Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass” course available on our website. You do not need any previous experience with fishing to take this course as we start from the ground up!

What are you waiting for? Learn how to start catching quality fish by this weekend! Believe it’s too good to be true? Check out our Wall of Fame and Instagram page to see just how well our system works.

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