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Throwback Thursday: 10,000 Cast Muskie

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

At New Wave Fishing Academy we believe that practicing catch and release as much as possible is an anglers duty to the sport! It is a group effort to ensure the health of our fisheries can be maintained for future generations to enjoy as much as we have. To promote practicing catch and release we are going to share some of our favourite stories of fish we have caught & released for someone else to catch one day and create memories like the ones we are sharing with you all. If you have a story you want to share please reach out to us and we will gladly share.

This weeks Throwback Thursday story comes from New Wave Fishing Academy Content Creation Team Member Colin and goes into how he caught his first 50"+ muskie. Muskie are known as the fish of 10,000 casts and you better believe he had to use all 10,000 to get this one into the boat.

"The day started as all muskie trips do, an early morning, high hopes, & the thought of a giant muskie being caught. After fishing a few spots I felt a bump on my shadzilla but by the time I could do anything it was already gone. Teeth marks in the fresh shadzilla tail to prove it. Some more casts and more follows without a strike we knew this fish was going to bite. We decided to move on to give it some space before returning. As we make our way back to the spot we see a walleye angler hooked into something big and in need of a hand. We drove over, netted the fish for him, and helped get some pics and measurements. A 47". What a fish, we knew it was going to bite and just missed out by a few minutes.

Often just seeing a muskie can be considered a productive day. Already seeing one, but in someone else's boat, who knows what that means for us the rest of the day. Grinding it out for the rest of the day we don't see a thing. That is until we hit hour 12 on the water. I was looking over at my partner in the boat who got snagged in a branch in the water. I was reeling in my shadzilla when suddenly it just felt like my bait was heading the other direction, we both looked over and saw a giant right on the surface with my bait totally engulfed. Abandoning the snagged bait for the net, a big boatside headshake, and a few seconds later I'm holding my first first fish over 50", and it measures 51 to top it off."

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