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Throwback Thursday: Small Bait Big Bass

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

At New Wave Fishing Academy we believe that practicing catch and release as much as possible is an anglers duty to the sport! It is a group effort to ensure the health of our fisheries can be maintained for future generations to enjoy as much as we have. To promote practicing catch and release we are going to share some of our favourite stories of fish we have caught & released for someone else to catch one day and create memories like the ones we are sharing with you all. If you have a story you want to share please reach out to us and we will gladly share.

This weeks Throwback Thursday story comes from New Wave Fishing Academy president Brandon and the time he caught a new personal best largemouth on an unlikely bait choice for big fish!

Ontario Largemouth Bass

Fishing a new brand new lake in the hopes of finding some decent largemouth the day started off catching smallmouth in the weeds, go figure! As the day wore on the activity slowed. After making a simple change and downsizing to a small white twister tail the bites picked up like crazy. Fishing a few areas and catching smaller fish we moved out to a rocky main lake point. When it hit I immediately new it was a good fish. I couldn't move it on my light rod and it stayed down deep. As I called for my dad to get ready with the net it started to come to the surface and I knew a jump would likely mean game over. As it came to the surface we got a net under it and as we lifted it into the boat the bait fell right out of its mouth with smallest bit of slack.

It took a second to realize just how big this fish was once we got it into the boat as we didn't even see it once before netting it. A few quick photos and this giant was back in the water to be caught another day. Just as we got it back in a storm started to roll in with heavy rain and thunder on the horizon so we packed it in and headed home. Surprisingly, we still have not made it back to this lake since that day.

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