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Throwback Thursday: Snow Monster Muskie

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

At New Wave Fishing Academy we believe that practicing catch and release as much as possible is an anglers duty to the sport! It is a group effort to ensure the health of our fisheries can be maintained for future generations to enjoy as much as we have. To promote practicing catch and release we are going to share some of our favourite stories of fish we have caught & released for someone else to catch one day and create memories like the ones we are sharing with you all. If you have a story you want to share please reach out to us and we will gladly share.

This weeks Throwback Thursday story comes from New Wave Fishing Academy content creation team members Brandon & Colin who braved the winter elements for a shot at one last muskie. Sometimes to be successful you have to be willing to do what others won't.

"The fall feed is one of your best chances of the year to catch a true giant. Big pelagic baitfish like cisco are moving shoreward to spawn on shallow rock & gravel and the fish that spend their whole year chasing them are finally accessible to anglers. With high winds expected we won't be able to hit up the area of the bay we want. Adjusting our plan to hit the French River where we will be protected from the wind we wake up to a few inches of snow. Nothing to keep us from trying, we hit the road but run into whiteout conditions before leaving town. Despite the desire to catch a big fish travelling a few hours in these conditions is not worth the risk so we turn around and head to a small nearby lake to try and salvage the day. Just as we are about to put the boat in the water someone else pulls up to the ramp, what could this be. The guy informed us that they would be putting in a snowmobile bridge across a narrow section of the lake. It wouldn't be a big deal except our plan was to head to the side that would soon be inaccessible. It's a good thing we weren't a few minutes earlier. Strapping the boat back down we had to move to the other side of the lake another private launch. After negotiating with the owner we are finally able to hit the water. After this many hurdles just to get on the water the odds have to be in our favour and something good should come of it.

Trolling was the plan for the whole day; it didn't take long to find some bait and start seeing big fish marks underneath them. After a few bait adjustments and trying some areas we move back to where most of the activity was for the upcoming major. Despite the clicker not going off the rod bouncing indicates we have a fish on. A quick fight and the fish slips into the net. While unhooking it tail walks and almost jumps out! A thick 38" muskie. Not a giant but after the day we had it is all worthwhile"

To experience this day with us be sure to check out a YouTube of the day at the link below:

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