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Don't Make This Trolling Mistake: Line Counter Reel Tuning

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Line counter reels allow anglers to exponentially increase their success while trolling. However, despite what the name implies the reel doesn't actually count how much line you have let out. Rather the "counter" increase 1 unit for a certain number of spool revolutions. You may be thinking, whats the difference?, and the answer is a very small detail with a huge impact!

Depending how much line you have on your reel the size of the spool will be different. More line means larger spool and so the outside circumference will be larger. This outside circumference is where the line is taken off from. Therefore, if the circumference changes the amount of line let out on each spool revolution will be different yet the line counter will still increase the same amount.

Having too much line on the spool in comparison to how it as set in the factory will actually have you letting out more line than the counter says and having too little line on the spool will have you letting out less line than the counter says.

This isn't as big of a deal for one rod but if you are trying to troll precisely in a target depth range using lure dive curves it will have a monumental impact on your success. More than that if you start getting bites at a certain depth or length from the boat and are unable to set other rods to this depth because it has a different spool size than the rod getting bit you are missing out on fish!

Fortunately, now that you know this information you can avoid making these mistakes. You can learn how to set up a line counter reel properly or make an adjustment to your current setup to account for these differences in our free tutorial at the link below:

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