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Tuning Crankbaits

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

In order to maximize the chances of catching fish anglers need to be able to rely on their gear. When the gear fails them fish are lost and the number of bites are reduced. Crankbaits are prone to issues in the way they run in the water. When they don't run right they aren't effective. Not knowing the depth you are at or having the lure go sideways / rush to surface is no good. But there is an easy fix.

The reason that crankbaits will run to the left or right, roll to one side, or flip upside down and come to the surface all comes down to physics. When the force of the line is not pulling straight on the lure the forces are unbalanced and the bait will veer to one side or not run right altogether. To ensure your crankbaits run true or to fix one that is behaving poorly you need to take a look at where the line attaches to the bait! If the line tie is bent or off-centre then the forces on the bait will also be off centre. Simply bending the eyelet back to the centre of the bait will correct its action in the water and ensure it runs true. If the bait is veering to the left try bending the eyelet slightly to the right with a pair of pliers and vice-versa.

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how to tune a crankbait

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