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When Musky Attack

In light of the recent injury we obtained from a pike, the severity, and how quickly it happened we started to wonder: are there any stories of people being attacked by pike/musky? We have thought for a long time that with their size, power, rows of razor sharp teeth, and intrigue to eat extremely large baits if one did decide to attack a person we would surely stand no chance. How easily the pike severed the tendon in our finger reenforced this and so we did some research to find out if there are any reported incidents. Here's what we found:

Despite being extremely rare there are a handful of reported cases that make the news and even more that are just stories kept between friends. Each story is so unique that we would not be able to do them justice trying to summarize each one into a post so we've linked each story for viewing at your leisure. The general theme: once people are out of the boat and in the water they are no longer predators and become musky prey should they choose to act on it. Also, Island Lake in Duluth Minnesota is a hotspot for musky attacks! For the musky hunters out there notice most attacks occur in the hottest months of the year in shallow shoreline waters hinting at their summer behaviours.

"Boy Frog Hunting Bit By Musky" 2010 Duluth, Minnesota

"11 Year Old Girl On Paddleboard Attacked By Musky" July 19, 2017 Duluth, Minnesota

"Musky Bites Foot Hanging Over Dock" August 2017 Duluth, Minnesota

"Musky Bite Needs 12 Stitches" June 2018 Canton New York

"Musky Bites Boy, 16 Stitches Needed" July 2019 Fox Lake Wisconsin

"Musky Drags Women Underwater" July 20, 2020 Minitaka Ontario

"Musky Attacks Triathlete While Swimming Lake St. Clair" August 13, 2021 Windsor Ontario

"Musky Attacks Foot Dangling From Canoe, 60 Stitches Needed" Twin Valley Wisconsin

"12 Year Old Boy Attacked By Musky" Vermillion Bay, Ontario


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