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Why You Should Get Out On The Water This Spring

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

With only a few weeks until pike and walleye (pickerel) opener on Georgian Bay the staff at New Wave Fishing Academy are dreaming about one of our favourite times of year; spring!

After a long winter dealing with snow and ice the warm spring sun has a way of getting everyone outdoors. The world that was frozen to a standstill begins to come alive with activity. As the last bits of ice melt away from your favourite body of water there has never been a better time to get to the shoreline or put the boat in the water to go fishing!

During the spring most freshwater fish species (predator and prey) are moving into the warm shallow water to prepare for or complete their annual spawning rituals. This means that a ton of fish are in shallow easily accessible waters which offers anglers the best odds at catching both numbers and trophy sized fish! For some of the absolute biggest fish in any body of water this is the one time of year that they are in waters anglers can easily access.

Aside from catching fish the spring also allows anglers to find the areas where their favourite (or other) fish species will spawn. The spawning areas fish use are the one constant to their movements throughout the year as they will use them year after year. Having a starting point for the fish movements gives anglers a huge advantage for following these fish throughout the year.

To learn more about fish movements and how you can predict / track them throughout the year take a look at the New Wave Fishing Academy Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass series available only at and you can catch pike like the ones our students do!


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