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Year In Review: Best Smallmouth Lures

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Although it was not the plan for the year the summer of 2022 until October was mostly focused on smallmouth bass. Preparing for and competing in 5 tournaments, life events that filled up the first summer post-covid, and a few camping trips made the season fly by without realizing it. One of the great things about smallmouth is that they school and so when something is working its obvious and it really works! To find out our top baits for each season keep on reading:

Early Summer


best smallmouth bass lures fishing for smallies bass fishing georgian bay tube jig

The early summer period can be one of the best for smallmouth. Most of the fish are in shallow and crayfish are flooding the gravel flats going about their spawning rituals. Using a 4" tubejig with 3/8 oz head was the ticket for all of our fish in a 23.75 lb bag in one of the tournaments we fished.



top smallmouth bass lures fishing for smallmouth bass georgian bay dropshot

By the time summer is in full swing smallmouth will have schooled up by size. This makes a great opportunity to catch numbers of big fish without having to race all around the lake. A dropshot was the weapon of choice for tricking schools of smallmouth into biting. Zman TrickShotz, Paddlerz, and Berkley Gulp minnows were the baits of choice. The dropshot was a key component in boating over 24.5 lbs in the first event of the Huron Bass tour.


Blade Bait

best smallmouth bass baits bass fishing cold water georgian bay fishing blade bait

Fall and late fall periods can find smallmouth in huge tight schools. In colder water bait are less active and so using lures that have a tighter action can trigger bites. The blade bait normally shines when water temperatures drop below 50 F but this season we had some extremely good days fishing blades in water 50-60 F. In fact, most fish from the two days in the Huron Bass Tour Championship weekend (where we placed 4th) were caught on blade baits!

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