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Year In Review: Best Walleye Baits

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Unfortunately, 2022 was not the year of the Walleye for the New Wave Fishing Academy crew. While the few times we were able to target them were productive we didn't get to target them more than a handful of times. Despite this some quality fish were put in the boat and some baits were the clear winners.

Early Summer

Shallow Crankbaits

best walleye lures georgian bay walleye fishing in the spring blue water baits cisco bwb

The early summer period can find all fish in a state of flux and movement. Despite not targeting walleye during this period multiple were caught trolling big crankbaits while targeting muskie! Despite being over deep water (40 ft) shallow running crankbaits (<10 ft) produced quality walleye.


Worm Harness

best walleye baits georgian bay pickerel trophycatch worm harness

During the summer walleye move to cooler waters. Being able to get your bait in front of the fish and cover water is important for success. Speed is also an important element and this year slow was best! The worm harness was able to do this better than other baits and put numerous quality fish in the boat.


Jighead & Gulp Minnow

top walleye baits Georgian bay walleye fishing for fall walleye

Fall is the period when we typically target walleye the most. The movement towards spawning areas and need to binge on food for the upcoming winter usually produces numbers of big fish. Offering up a large meal, creating reaction strikes, and covering water quickly is the name of the game and as usual the jighead and gulp minnow produced. Our favorite combination is a gold 3/8 oz Kalins google eye jig with a 5" Berkley Gulp Jerkshad.

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