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Year In Review: Top Pike Lures

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

2022 was undeniable the year of the big pike! Never have we caught so many big pike in a year before; and not just in one season! Big pike were boated in numbers from opening until closing day. Check out our top lures for each season below.


Rapala - Husky Jerk HJ14

best northern pike lures fishing for pike in spring catching massive fish rapala husky jerk

I'm not sure if this will come as a surprise to anyone who has spend time fishing for pike. The suspending jerkbait is a spring time staple and has probably accounted for more big pike in the last 20 years than any other bait on the market. The husky jerk rarely comes off our lines in the spring and blew the competition out of the water this season for both numbers and size.


Waterwolf Lures - Shadzilla Jr

top northern pike lures georgian bay pike fishing waterwolf lures shadzila

As the water warms pike metabolism goes into overdrive. This means aggressive fish willing to attack bigger and faster moving baits. The lure we use to capitalize on this behaviour is the shadzilla jr from waterwolf lures. This 7" swimbait has an enticing action and can be fished in a ton of different areas with ease. Multiple days were had tossing this bait and boating dozens of fish over 36" including multiple over 40" as well.


BS Lures - Dinner Bell 14"

best northern pike baits fishing for pike in fall BS Lures Dinner Bell

This fall had very erratic weather in our region. The erratic weather seemed to have big pike suspending rather than close to cover. Getting to these fish and getting them to bite was accomplished best with giant crankbaits. The custom 14" dinner bell lures we had our friends at BS Lures make for us were the best producers this fall putting a 45.25 & 42.75" in the boat in one day.

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