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Dominate The Water with Autochart & Depth Highlight

Let's face it, even the best maps for your body of water aren't that accurate. They may work well for travelling but for angling a whole lot of detail is missing for identifying the key points fish will hold on and even just where could be! One of the greatest tools to come out in the past few years has been AutoChart! (This is the name by Humminbird but Lowrance, Garmin, & Raymarine all have their own versions). Autochart helps anglers better understand their fishing spots and find new ones.

fishing maps autochart catch more fish dominate the water

Autochart is a live mapping tool that uses the GPS and sonar reading from your electronics to make super accurate (1 ft contours) charts in all the areas you drive over or fish at! This gives you the most accurate information and creates a unique tool for the area that only you have access to.

After creating your maps these charting features also have depth highlight options. It is easy to overlook the importance of this option but once set up properly allow anglers to fish extremely efficient. The depth highlight features allow anglers to easily position the boat on edges, know where to cast, and avoid driving over the edge of the weedlines the next time they come to the spot. The color highlighting make visualizing the spot much easier and can even point to fingers, points, or other subtlties that you hadn't considered previously. All of these benefits allow anglers to be more effiicent on the water and put more fish in the boat!

If the transducer is set up correctly and with the stainless brackets you can autochart at 30+ mph. This can let you buzz around a spot to get a quick idea before moving on and coming back to fish it later or just get a much better map for everywhere you fish by leaving it on all day! Note fish do look different while moving fast and the detail in your chart won't be great!

To learn more on how to work Autochart (from all manufacturers) as well as the rest of your electronics to their fullest check out the link below


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