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Bait Size Selection

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Bait selection is a very important aspect to your overall success. Aside from selecting the right technique/lure for the scenario the size of the lure is equally important. There are a ton of different sizes of baits on the market today; so how do you decide how big or small or a bait to use?

The answer comes down to the forage in your body of water, time of year, and species being targeted!

The most important factor in bait selection is the forage the fish are feeding on in your targeted body of water. If there are only small minnows available using smaller baits will be needed. If there are larger baitfish like perch larger baits can be used, and if there are huge baitfish like cisco and smelt, giant baits can be used.

Time of year also plays a key role in lure selection. Early in the year when most of the abundant forage is small fry the smaller profile baits will get the most bites. As the year progresses and the smaller fry are eaten and the others grow using larger lures can be better. Late in the year as fish prepare for winter anglers can use the biggest lures of the season.

The species you are targeting also impacts the size of bait selected. The larger the species the larger the bait in general!

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