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Best Musky Lures 2023

Muskie, the fish of 10,000 casts. When a fish is this difficult to locate and even more difficult to trick into biting you're best to make note of what works and what doesn't. This season we spent a lot more time targeting musky and between the two New Wave Fising Academy boats almost 50 fish were boated! The biggest fish came in at 53" and a number of mid to high 40" class fish were also boated.

Early Summer

Custom Single Blade Bucktails

The opening of muskie season was cold. While we had some follows on other baits burning single blade bucktails lead to many more bites! Speed in cold water is counter intuitive but it seemed to be what was needed to trigger a bite. We had made up some custom bucktails especially for this period that featured a large profile, heavy weight, and single blade to allow us to burn the bait as fast as possible.


Spinnerbaits / Bucktails

Casting or trolling bucktails and spinnerbaits produced more musky this year than ever before. While the odd fish came on swimbaits bucktails and spinnerbaits outfished them 4:1. With colder water temperatures than normal the musky did not move far throughout the season and were bunched up in large weedbeds. Some of the baits used include:

  • Ace Baits Monster Spinnerbait

  • IC9


Dive / Rise

Fall came in quick this year. One weekend it was summer and the next water was in the 50's. The fall bite was a grind and despite trying all baits at our disposal dive / rise jerkbaits produced the bites! Pull-pause (bulldawg,medussa), jigging, glide baits, & swimbaits got some follows but the only commitments came on dive / rise baits worked along the deep edge of weedbeds! The baits of choice:

  • Chaos Tackle Navin

  • Musky Innovations Dyin Dawg

Be sure to keep this in mind next season if you find yourself unsure what to throw or are looking for a starting point.

best musky lures 2023 musky fishing lures best muskie lures 2023


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