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Best Smallmouth Bass Lures 2023

We had big goals for the 2023 season when it came to smalmouth bass fishing. Unfortunately we didn't end up targetting these fish as much as we would have liked and although we caught some quality fish each outing we weren't able to hit all our goals. Despite catching a 6 Lb+ bass we weren't able to hit a 25 Lb+ bag and struggled more than we care to admit especially in the summer to fall transition period to put together a bag of keepers!

Early Summer

Dropshot & Tube Jig

The start of smallmouth season was cold! Despite the cold water temperatures we were able to adjust and find some quality fish. Once we found them the usual staples got the job done in shallow water. This season we experimented with some new plastics and had great results with the Zman Finesse ShadZ.



This summer we spent a lot more time chasing musky than smallmouth! The few times we did get out chasing bronze found fish scattered and we weren't able to get into any big schools. Despite these challenges the dropshot with Zman plastics produced quality fish each outing before we decided to start throwing big baits again.


Early: Jerkbait, Swimbait Late: Jig / Minnow

Fall was a strange period this year. The summer to fall transition lingered for a long time and then temperatures plummeted. During the transition period which started a few weeks before Labour Day it was an absolute grind to find fish! Covering a ton of water each day for a few bites was the story time and time again. Jerkbaits and swimbaits were key for covering water to intercept the roaming fish. As the temperature dropped bites switched to jig / minnow style baits popped along bottom. The major key during each of these period though? SIZE. We found big baits got the most interest. 6" jerkbaits, swimbaits, and minnow baits on jighead got follows and interest when nothing else would.

best smallmouth bass lures 2023 bass fishing lures


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