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Keep Your Boat Organized, Catch More Fish

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

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Earlier in September we had an unfortunate incident occur on the water that is the driver of this blog post. While things could have turned out much worse they also could have been avoided completely with a few small changes. Boat organization is a key chore to save time on the water, find everything when you need it, avoid damaging any of your gear, and avoid injuries or trip hazards while out on the water. Throughout a day of fishing it is easy to let the boat become unorganized: lures all over the floor, tools out and not where they should be, and rods laying in spots just waiting to be stepped on. Here are our tips for keeping the boat organized throughout a day on the water to avoid another hook through the hand:

1. Have a spot to store everything and put it back after use

Having a dedicated spot for holding everything in your boat helps in a number of ways. For one it makes it easy to know where everything is should you need it. This means less time looking and less time compromising while on the water. How many times have you tried to remove hooks from fish without pliers because you couldn't find them only get a hook in the hand, cut by fish teeth / gills, or kept the fish out of the water way too long.

2. Put away or hang up lures not in use

Hooks are sharp. They can get caught on you, your clothes, the net, ropes, really anything! If they aren't stored properly after use it is only a matter of time before they tangle with something they shouldn't. This could mean needing to spend time getting it out of fabrics, ripping your clothes, and worst of all injury.

3. Keep items out of the standing / walking area

When storing your gear in the boat be sure to keep rods, tools, lures, coolers, nets, and everything else out of the standing / walking zones. This will make you feel more comfortable, avoid stepping on anything to break it, and avoid tripping hazards.

Stay organized, be prepared, and put more fish in the boat the next time you hit the water. There are a number of options on the market for helping keep your tackle, tools, and gear organized while on the water.

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